Heavenly Father, I whisper now, before my King, to guide and protect the sunshine of my world – my niece.

I pray you never let her forget her worth and she never loses that contagious smile of hers.

I pray she never runs out of dreams, or the energy and confidence to chase them.

Fill her soul with warmth, laughter and grace; Lift her up with your spirit and let your light shine through her. Keep her innocent, but powerful. Give her intelligence, without ignorance.

I pray she knows she is never alone; That no matter how she feels, God and Auntie are always on her side. Teach her no path she will ever walk on, is meant to walk alone.

I pray she finds herself young, and remains true to herself. But, I also pray that she is never afraid to grow.

Keep her innocent, but insightful. Give her intelligence, without ignorance.

Give her the confidence I never had, and a heart as golden as Yours.

Lord, I pray she never runs out of hugs, prayers and smiles to give – and she never loses the desire to share them with the world around her.

I pray she learns to love, and love hard; That no tribulation, bully or boy will ever change this.

I pray she always treats the world as her playground. I pray she never forgets how to be silly.

May the rode rise to meet her, may the wind always be at her back, may the sun always shine on her face, and may the rains fall softly upon her fields.

May she always remember how blessed she really is.

I pray when she makes a mistake, she doesn't look back on it too long. Mistakes are a lesson of wisdom.

I pray she never holds grudges – to herself or others – and she never stops loving as much as her heart can love.

I pray she gains the strength to always do the right thing. I pray that if she does the wrong thing, she grows from it.

Give her desires for love, peace and tranquillity – and fight off desires of greed, envy or anger.

May she always remember to enjoy the little things – and may she always know that one day, they will be big things that matter most.

I pray you guide her.

I pray you protect her.

And, I pray she has a heart like her mother's.

May she always find comfort in Your word.

In Your loving name, Amen.