For many years, the fight for equality amongst the human race has existed. Equal rights for women has been apart of that fight for a long time and we're still fighting. Long ago women fought for the many things including the right to vote. While women have this right today, is it really respected?

This weekend I feel as if I watched history repeat itself with the women's march on Washington and the many other marches that took place around the world. It showed me that there is still so much more women have to prove unfortunately. It was definitely eye opening. I was however extremely happy to see how many women and even men of all races came together to support one another on a global level. I only wish that I had the opportunity to participate in one of the many marches.

I want to be able to show my future daughters that their voices absolutely have the power to be heard. They should know that they should not be discriminated against just because of their gender. I want my future daughters and girls all around the world to know that they have rights and they are entitled to all of them.

Women have reproductive rights, as well as rights in the work place and they should all be treated equally despite their race. I want my daughters to know that they should never be silenced, they have a voice that is meant to be used; especially if they feel they're not being treated fairly.

We as women have come a long way, however, it's evident that we still have a ways to go. There are things regarding women that I am surprised we even still have to talk about in this day and age, but we are. As long as women know that when we come together and support one another; we can speak out and make a difference.