working as a server

'Meeting Your Step Goal' And 12 Other Things People Who Have Experience In The Food Industry Know To Be True

It's hard. But it's SO worth it.


I've only been working in the food industry for a total of three months now. But in that time I have learned a lot about what it takes to do it. The skill, the patience, and how hard it is to actually be a waitress.

One of the best ways to earn money as a young adult is by working in a restaurant. Working in a restaurant is unique and may change certain aspects of your personality to make you heartier and able to deal with all sorts of people.

If you've ever worked in the food industry (whether as a waitress/waiter or behind the scenes cooking, managing etc.) here are 13 things you definitely know to be true.

1. You will probably go home smelling like the food you served (or cooked) that night


Pizza, chicken, beef bourguignon, burgers, and more.

2. You WILL spill or break something at some point

broken glass

You will break a glass or plate (sometimes both). You will spill wine, beer, water, etc down your shirt. And you will forget someone's order. It happens. It's inevitable. And you can't do much about it.

3. You interact with TONS of different people


Old or young, rich or poor, and rude or kind, etc. All of these different types of people and more.

4. The leftovers!!!


Chances are if you work in the food industry, you might, at some point, get a chance to take home leftover and they're usually pretty good.

5. Rude customers or people in general


Not everyone you meet/serve/encounter and so on are going to be nice people. It's a part of the job sometimes.

6. Knowing or memorizing the menu


And then (or if) a guest ask being able to recite it back or explain what is in each item.

7. Standing on your feet during 6-8 hour shifts is surprisingly decent exercise

Not only are you standing, but you're also walking a TON. Fun Fact: the most amount of steps I've recorded so far from working an eight-hour shift is just over 15,000 steps!! (pictured above)

8. A LOT of food is thrown away

food waste

Like a lot. It's kinda sad. One of the major things that I have taken away from Working on the food industry is just how much food is actually thrown away, or not eaten, especially when it comes to a buffet.

9. Passing apps is one of the best parts


Not only do you get to interact more with people, but you get to see the enjoyment of the people you are passing them to.

10. The unique lingo


I think my favorite part of working in the food industry for the past few months has been learning all the new lingo and ways that things are done.

11. Resiliency


Time can either go by super fast or super slow. Depending on what you are doing and especially during dinner service. In addition to being fast-paced, restaurants or events are also sometimes demanding.

12. The difficulty of carrying plates or a tray

carrying plates

Trust me! It's harder than it looks.

13. Learning how to set a table for a fancy party

table setting

One of the many things you will never forget. On the fine dining side of the food industry, you learn how to properly set a table for a big party. (Note: the picture above is just one of the many ways to do so. Also, you won't always need every piece of silverware or glassware that you have.)

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8 Reasons Girls Who Love Tequila Are Better

Because if she can handle tequila, she can handle you too.

There are all kinds of alcohol stereotypes out there but the one associated with tequila is probably the worst: tequila makes you crazy. But if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that women who drink tequila are one-of-a-kind.

Whether it's loving or fighting, you'll never find anyone who does it better than a girl who just straight up loves tequila, and here are a few reasons why that is.

1. She's independent

A girl who drinks tequila is probably the same girl who has absolutely no problem telling it like it is. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

2. She doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks

Oh, you have a problem with me taking shots and having a good time? Well, get over it! Bartender, a shot with salt and a lime please!

3. Always dancing

Tequila is an 'upper' so instead of sitting at the bar doing nothing, let's dance! Let's get moving!

4. There is never a dull moment

Speaking of dancing, a girl who drinks tequila is always down for a good time. Whether it's going on an adventure or seeing who can take the most shots, a tequila girl is always down to party.

5. While everyone else is starting to get sleepy, she has all the energy

Like I said, tequila is an 'upper' so while the other girls at the bar are starting to feel groggy and sad, she's all over the place having fun and partying on the dancefloor.

6. She's stronger than the girl crying over a vodka cranberry at the bar.

Sad over a breakup? Don't go for the vodka... Tequila will make you feel better in no time! Plus you can challenge the hot guys at the bar to a shot taking contest.

7. Tequila is healthy for you

Tequila is a probiotic, so some tequila a day keeps the doctor away. Yay for shots!

8. She can hold her own when it comes to alcohol

Any girl who can shoot some shots at the bar all day and night can handle alcohol, which means she can handle herself too. You won't have to deal with her constant breakdowns and mood swings because she will be too busy ordering more shots.

Cover Image Credit: Whiskey Riff

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10 Summer Vibes You Need To Bump To In The Car

The type of songs that will make you wish summer never had to end.


There is truly nothing worse than being handed the AUX cord and not knowing what to do with it. In that moment, the spotlight is on you. You, the chosen one, has the opportunity to completely amp up the mood and get people in their feels.

For me, this is the moment in which I thrive the most and I am going to make sure that anyone that reads this article does to.

Now without further ado, here are 10 songs that will for sure boost your summer music cred.

1.  "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo 

If you haven't heard this one yet, I am sorry. This up and coming artist paved her way in the music world by introducing one of the most catchy girl anthems I have heard in a while. If you ever need a little reminder that you're a bad b*tch, listen to this song. The catchy beat and independent lyrics won't let you down.

2. "The London (feat. J Cole & Travis Scott)" by Young Thug 

If you want a song that pleases absolutely everyone, this is your go-to. Three of the biggest names of rap music in one song- it does not get much better. With a vibey beat and catchy chorus, you will be singing this song in no time.

3. "I Don't Care" by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber 

I'll tell you what, I do care about this song. After quite some time without music from Bieber or Sheeran, they have come back to bless us once again. Please don't go ghost on us again boys, we missed you.

4. "You Little Beauty" by Fisher 

Now this one is for my house people. Whether you like him for his insane personality or the electric beats he produces, Fisher is one of a kind. With his new single "You Little Beauty," you will be bopping your head and waving your hands the entire time.

5. "Electric Feel" by MGMT

An oldie, but a goodie. I don't know about you, but this song makes me wanna drive down the coast with my windows down, blasting the music. You can't beat alternative songs in the summer and this one is at the top of my playlist.

6. "GRoCERIES" by Chance the Rapper 

Chance. Is. Back. That's all I need to say.

7. "Whatever You Need" by Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj

Who doesn't love a good throwback to get them amped? You can't forget the Nicki/Meek era for many reasons, but one of the main ones being the unreal collaborations we got out of it. "Whatever You Need" will always be one to remember, so don't forget to keep it in your mind this summer.

8. "Jungle" by Tash Sultana

If you love the sound of guitar, this is the song for you. Being over five minutes, this song shows the musical talent within Tash Sultana. With guitar solos sprinkled so effortless throughout and the uniqueness of her voice, you are able to teleport into a musical phenomenon with this song.

9. "Baila Baila Baila (Remix)" by Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, & J Balvin

The song literally means "Dance Dance Dance," which automatically means it's going to be a crowd pleaser. And, come on, it's summer, you can't not listen to a little Spanish music.

10. "Undrunk" by Fletcher 

Representing an artist from my very own hometown, this one is constantly blasting in my car. Fletcher is the new artist to look out for, and she's making her way up the charts quickly with this banger. It is the perfect song to belt out after a night of bad decisions and calls to your ex.

I have now blessed you all with 10 songs that will make even the biggest of music snobs get in the mood. Use them wisely.

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