Food During Workout- Before, During and After Exercise
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How to Keep Fueled During Workout

Before, During and After Workout Meals
How to Keep Fueled During Workout

No wonder, we don't bother to eat anything at all during, before or after the workout. This can be alright if we are up for a brisk walk or stretching practices. But a long duration workout and physical training like martial arts need proper diets. Otherwise, our nutritional endurance may put quite a hindrance during the training.

Now the question is – How do we measure the depth of the training? The increased level of heart rate, the talk test – these are some measuring factors of workout intensity.

Food Before Starting Intense Physical Training

Have you ever considered driving your car with an empty fuel tank? This statement is quite absurd to be true. Same can happen while you are doing your workout, specially vigorous workout like Bujinkan training. According to the AIS, the majority of the athletes consider the pre-event meal is the key element to the performance. That means consuming a proper amount of food before starting your workout is a prerequisite.

But if you want to get the proper use of the food consumed before the practice session, make sure to give a substantial amount of break after taking the meal. Otherwise, your body won't get the time required for digestion. Thus, would create unwanted discomforts during the training period. So, timing is an important factor here.

Better give a look at the below-given table where a list of foods sorted out for the different time duration.

The food list would help you a lot when you are choosing the food next time before starting the rigorous training session. All it takes a little bit of effort to make it a success.

Though the main fact to ponder here is the special criteria of these foods. Have you grasped the idea behind the food list? They don't have a single protein-based food and most of them are high in carbohydrate levels. So, the bottom line is, high carb and fat-based diet is the best combo for a pre-workout menu, while the least preferable food group is high in protein and fibre, period.

The Ideal Food During the Longer Period of Workout

This is not just all about the starting of your workout. You need to complete the training period as well. Wrapping up a session is important, particularly for martial arts. When you are in a process of the comprehensive Bujinkan training program, the master encourages strict rules to follow, and surviving the training is crucial here. So, never underestimate the food you consumed during rigorous physical training.

As some foods are quite tough nuts. Your stomach requires a solid amount of time to process them. These are mainly high in protein and fiber. When you are on your practice mat, consuming foods belong to this particular dietary group can hurt your stomach. While moving through your system, they give your digestion system a great amount of struggle. You have to choose foods those are softer and easier to digest. This kind of diets will easily incorporate into your repertoire.

Water is the driving force of all nature- as said by Leonardo da Vinci. The modern day's expert health trainers recommend the same to us. Being hydrant during the whole period of workout will keep you fueled. When you are doing physical training far from your home, water is the single thing that you'll find everywhere to keep you refreshed and revived. If required, you can use the fluid loss calculator to measure the fluid loss during the workout. This will help you to prepare the hydrating strategy.

What to Eat After Extensive Physical Training

As training and workout differ a lot based on their techniques. The food you eat after the completion of a full-fledged training may vary accordingly. After completing a rigorous workout, some of us prefer to go for an electrolyte enriched sports drink. The best practice though to take time for doing a meal prep in advance. If your intense workout session finishes while the timing is inconvenient for a proper meal, better try smoothies and sports drink. For replenishing your electrolyte level, the following list of foods would come handy-

• Bananas

• Tomatoes

• Broccoli

• Coconut water

• Beets

• Spinach, and

• Almond butter

What about fitness pros? What do they eat after a session of intense workout? To help you out here, get top 10 physical trainers most favorite post-workout snack options and try them once.

If our body's internal parts work as a well-trained machine, then certainly it needs regular maintenance and proper nourishment. While you are doing effective training for a balanced body and mind, do you wish to drag down your body throughout the workout? If the answer is NO, then must fuel your body and do fuel it properly.

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