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Oh, FOMO. A classic case for anyone who feels completely out of the loop, cut off from the only civilization you’ve ever known. In this case, we’re talking about college. You miss it, yes. But not only do you miss it, you find yourself living vicariously through your friends that are there. If you’re one of the unfortunate-fortunate ones who happen to find themselves “off” this term, you’ll certainly relate to any or all of these while away from the best place ever, the place we call home, Dartmouth College.

Frequent FaceTimes result in you demanding your friend to show you EVERYTHING as visual proof. Staying up to date is crucial, you know.

Have any of the freshman awkwardly approached you with questions yet? Wait, was McKenzie wearing my shirt in that Insta photo? Show me what Faker Tower looks like, is it still covered with those posters? Did any of our friends get better looking over the break?

Snapchat Stories have become your source for all up-to-date details of Dartmouth life.

HAHAHHAAHAHA, oh my God I can’t believe she wore a wiener costume to Oktoberfest, that’s amazing. Ugh. I wanna wear a wiener costume, HOW am I missing this?!!!!!!?

You almost, almost, ALMOST miss FOCO.

Alright, maybe not FOCO, but you certainly miss those late night trips to Collis that faithfully provided your chicken tender and mozz stick combo.

No pong, no glory.

The fact that pong could be happening at this very moment kills you, admit it.

The farmer’s market, the peak foliage, the bonfire taller than small hotel buildings.

Wow, my Insta game is really gonna lack that Fall charm this year.

And finally- you’ve already started booking your flights to visit Dartmouth at some point this fall.

May or may not have blown my money and will probably spend more time traveling than being there, but there’s no way I’m missing homecoming weekend.

Being off is cool and all, and don’t get me wrong. LA is one of the best places I've ever known. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t missing Dartmouth in the most genuine of ways.

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