For the longest time I thought that the plan after college was to find a job that would make me the most money possible. The more money I made the easier it would be to start a life and become a "real" adult.

If you're lucky enough you can come away from college without having to pay a penny. Unfortunately, that is not realistic for everyone. College puts most recent grads in major debt, without a job that makes you money it makes it harder for you to pay those loans. That adds on to the pressure of finding the perfect job that also pays more than minimum wage.

My whole college career I knew in my heart I always wanted to work for Disney, I researched jobs that would fit the degree I would be earning once I graduated. But eventually, I came upon the Disney College Program. Once I learned about the DCP I had my mind set on applying, until my first semester of senior year started. I had a change of heart. I no longer thought it would be a realistic choice for myself knowing the students in the college program did not make a large sum of money while working for Disney.

After my change of heart, I began looking and applying for jobs that had any type of connection with marketing. Many of those jobs I applied for knowing it wouldn't be something I loved but it would give me a decent income. Weeks and weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything from any of the jobs I had applied for. In January I received an email from Disney about applications dropping for their Fall college programs. On a whim, I decided to apply not putting much effort into my application. Not long after I applied, I received another email about setting up a phone interview. A few weeks after that I received another email. This email making me feel different. I had been accepted to the Disney College Program.

That email changed my life. I accepted my offer to work for Disney. Although for now it would just be their college program, I knew I would be able to live out a lifelong dream. My hopes are to continue my journey with Disney after my program and get a full-time position.

I knew deep down that I had to follow my dream. I'm only 22 and now have a marketing degree. That degree won't go anywhere, I'll always have it. I have my entire life to work and make money. It's OKAY to do something after college that makes you and your heart happy, even if that means making your bank account not so happy. If your dream is to travel the world, do it. If your dream is to go do work in another country, do it. If it makes YOU happy, do it. You're only young for a short amount of time, do the things you want now. You have your whole life to work and make money.