I got a job

And I feel lifelike,

Like I like life

Alike a wife

on a Vic,

or little kid

on a bike. [1]

But I guess its most like

I feel like a wife to the strife,

Killed boredom with a knife

while his blood was still rife,

I traded rooms and a groom.

I was on the couch playing Doom,

A still life

With its intended gloom. [2]

Disney definitely liked shrooms

He said the flower that blooms

In the dark is best

But I think he forgot the rest

Cause people aren't flowers,

And growth stems from friends. [3]

Or maybe its just change

Playing with pennies

While dollars at heart

And happiness is hidden

In plain sight

Painted in every light

And to know,

you need only ask

But the lonely kid

Thinks if they have to ask,

They'll never know. [4]

[1] - Vic is Vicodin. This first part is just saying I feel happy in my new job

[2] - This is an abstract way of saying I went from being bored a lot of my time to now being busy most of the time. The traded rooms part is mentioning that not much changed besides the room I spend my time, from my apartment to my job. Doom is a video game.

[3] - Disney said "the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and beautiful of all" and I was thinking that it doesn't make that much sense. Struggle isn't just inherently good, and can sometimes lead to depression because people aren't flowers they need to communicate with each other to get through struggle.

[4] - Maybe I'm not actually happy but my new job just distracts me from being unhappy. Maybe happiness can be found everywhere if we can see it.