Why Being A Go With The Flow Kind Of Person Is The Best

If you are a go with the flow kind of person, your life is usually a hot mess. Only the most random and unfortunate things happen to you, but you don’t let it bother you. Some call us “disorganized,” but that is such a harsh word. We try to set a plan, but it usually does not go the way we expected. Usually, that would bother most people, but not us. Our cute planner we bought is basically unused or is full of things that never got done exactly according to plan, but being this kind of person is actually a gift without us realizing it.

1. Nothing bothers us.

What’s stress? Since we never know what is actually going on half the time, when something happens that really throws a wrench in our day, we never let it bother us because it is just another funny story we can tell and an opportunity for a new adventure. Oh, my car broke down? That’s okay. I became friends with the tow truck driver, Instagrammed a picture of us, heard his life story, and now I have a date with his son.

2. We’re almost always in a good mood.

If something is happening in our lives that is bothering us or we are supposed to go to something we really don’t want to, we do something spontaneous and toss our plan completely out the window. I don’t care if it was a “scheduled” (what does that word even mean?) part of my day, the one part of my life that I have in control is my mood, and I’m not going to let something stupid ruin that. Doing something out of nowhere can really get you out of a rut, I’ll deal with the consequences tomorrow.

3. "Comfort zone" isn’t in our vocabulary.

We’re always ready to try something new and aren’t worried about something tearing us down. If I’m good at it, great. If I’m not, oh well. Since we are never really worried about something going wrong, because we just go along with the flow, adversity doesn’t really bother us. If anything it just makes us work harder. We are always trying to break barriers in fun, creative, and spontaneous ways.

4. We are the most fun people you will ever meet.

We don’t need every day for the next two weeks to be planned out for us. To be honest, we really don’t want that anyways. We are the queens of spontaneity. Some people will plan that day trip to the beach a week in advance, but for us, we think of it the night before and it ends up being the most fun day of our lives. Usually, there would be set time we leave, arrive, and head back home, but not in the lives of a go with the flow person. We leave whenever we feel like it, stopping for food, ice cream, and that random amusement park. Oops - we never actually made it to the beach? Still was the best day ever. You know why? Because life is just so much more fun when you don’t know what the hell is going to happen.

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