I've Always Been A Floater In College, But That Doesn't Define Me

I've Always Been A Floater In College, But That Doesn't Define Me

The friends I have are the most dependable, and I don't need 20 to make me feel this way.


Over the course of my young life, I've recognized that my friend count is pretty small.

In elementary school, I had a silly group of friends with minimal drama. By middle school, my social life was a little awkward (because, well, I'm awkward). At the same time though, middle school was the peak of my social life and finding a semi-solid group of friends.

My final years of high school, however, is where life started to take an unexpected turn. I went from a friend group of ten to a group of, well, not a lot.

College hasn't been the "best years" of my life. I attribute me transferring universities during my freshman year to me being in the position that I am in today. The transition of being in a small friend group to being just a "floater" has been difficult, but I'm also not complaining.

Once in a while, I feel a little bummed out about my social circle or the lack thereof. There's a reoccurring thought of trying to figure out what's wrong with me, and constant thoughts about whether or not I'm "friend material." I find myself wondering, what about me makes me not a part of a circle of friends? What am I doing wrong?

Absolutely nothing.

It can be hard making new friends and building up a relationship.

In this situation, I realize that my pros outweigh my cons.

I like my peace and quiet. I value it. I like coming home from class, unwinding, and enjoying my own company. I like my own space, not being asked questions. I like my me time.

I have different friends to turn to for different reasons; a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, or just a buddy to grab lunch with. The drama is limited. There's no worry about who is beefing with who. I can worry about myself and drop from the scene when things get a little tense. Being a fly on the wall is crucial to my own sanity, as I've learned through past experiences.

For the most part, I can remain low-key. No one has to know my business.

There is nothing wrong with being a "floater" and you're not doing anything wrong. The way you value your friendships differs from others, and that's totally fine. I enjoy being alone while also knowing I have people in my corner for when I really need them.

It can be challenging not having a specific group to see every day. It gets lonely sometimes. But I would rather have six really kind, authentic, and true friendships than have twenty friends who come and go when it's convenient. It's healthy and gratifying.

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A Letter To My Freshman Dorm Room As I Pack Up My Things

Somehow a 15' x 12' room became a home.


Dear Geary 411,

With your creaky beds, concrete walls, and mismatched tile floors, you are easily overlooked as just another room we were randomly assigned to— but you were different. Inside your old walls, I have made some of the best memories of my life that I will hold on to forever.

Thank you for welcoming my neighbors in with open arms who quickly became friends who didn't knock and walked in like you were their own.

I feel like an apology is needed.

We're sorry for blaring the music so loud while getting ready and acting like we can actually sing when, in reality, we know we can't. Sorry for the dance parties that got a bit out of control and ended with us standing on the desks. Sorry for the cases of the late-night giggles that came out of nowhere and just would not go away. Sorry for the homesick cries and the "I failed my test" cries and the "I'm dropping out" cries. We're sorry for hating you at first. All we saw was a tiny and insanely hot room, we had no idea what you would bring to us.

Thank you for providing me with memories of my first college friends and college experiences.

As I stand at the door looking at the bare room that I first walked into nine months ago I see so much more than just a room. I see lots and lots of dinners being eaten at the desks filled with stories of our days. I see three girls sitting on the floor laughing at God knows what. I see late night ice cream runs and dance battles. I see long nights of homework and much-needed naps. Most importantly, I look at the bed and see a girl who sat and watched her parents leave in August and was absolutely terrified, and as I lock you up for the last time today, I am so proud of who that terrified girl is now and how much she has grown.

Thank you for being a space where I could grow, where I was tested physically, mentally and emotionally and for being my home for a year.


A girl who is sad to go

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8 Things We Do In College That You Probably Won't Tell Mom And Dad On Your Weekly Phone Call

A list of the things you do to spice up college life, shhh don't tell the parents.


All of us are experiencing freedom and our own rules for the first time and sometimes we push the limits. So here's the list of the things we probably won't tell mom and dad we did when they call tomorrow morning.

1. Get a Piercing

Piercing Black And White GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

There's something sketchy about tattoo parlors and college towns. Overpriced, yet people are still lined out the door because they need a new earring or face piercing SO bad. Until they call mom and she's not happy.

2. Dye your Hair


"Well I thought I'd change things up and Sussie had extra dye"

3. Get a Tattoo


"I got this because I'm a _____ major and we love ______"

or the good ol' Ohio 110 logo.

4. Go on a Bender


Sometimes you think wet week is a good idea. Sadly your bank account, your liver, and early classes think otherwise.

5. Junk Food Splurge


You'll probably eat out too many times in a week and regret it later when you have a food baby.

6. Using the Credit Card for Drinks

Jacqueline Jing Lin GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Money is all coming from the same place though, right? Truly sorry for this one.

7. Promiscuity


Being away from home and having your own roof, sort of, lets you make any decision you want. Many students become much more sexually active and let their guard down about safe sex.

8. Bad Decisions


Whether it's blacking out on weekdays, getting an unsafe ride home, or puking while showering, sometimes college gets the best of us. But I can tell you we have a hell of a time doing it.

Mom, if you're reading this, these weren't all my ideas I'm not that bad I swear! And students be safe and try and think before you do something that could make your parents very, very mad.... tattoos are FOREVER.

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