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Through the night, armor heavily knighted.

Do not try to fight it.

Stay strong like our black queens the vertebrae.

Explains the way, I indulge with careless behavior.

Different flavors, they do not bend nor break.

Black beauty queen, fantasizing over women from JET magazine.

Skin pixelation melanin, caramel complexion.

Stretch marks to guide me to your soul, next stop is my destination.

Hearts racing, facing bad intentions with my hand position.

No question, on a quest to find my flavor.

She's your counterpart and the keys to your lanyard.

On my hip, to get hip.

Lips that's heaven sent, personally elegant.

Your body is the chest to my treasure;

chest beating hard whenever my mind takes over from the thought of being together.

Do me a favor and tell me what's your flavor.

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