14 Home​ Ideas That Every Chip And Joanna Gaines Fan Can Appreciate
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14 Home​ Ideas That Every Chip And Joanna Gaines Fan Can Appreciate

Gotta love "Demo Day" and shiplap walls.

14 Home​ Ideas That Every Chip And Joanna Gaines Fan Can Appreciate

The HGTV show "Fixer Upper" premiered in 2013 and the show's stars Chip and Joanna Gaines captured the hearts of Americans with Chip's happy-go-lucky attitude and love for "Demo Day" and Joanna's eye for design and affinity for shiplap walls. When the "Fixer Uppers" final season finished airing in the spring of 2018, I was devastated by the end of this home-renovation show and all its French doors, farmhouses, and aged wooden furniture. Still, Chip and Jo gave us five full seasons of home improvement inspiration.

Here are 14 home decor ideas that would make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud.

These butcher block counter tops


Love the blue cabinets too.

Sliding barn doors


Bringing the farm inside the house.

This laundry room's patterened tile


Making the laundry room a fun place to be.

A blanket ladder with added wire baskets


Also, added succulents and greenery are always a plus.

White fireplaces

white fireplaces

Bonus points for bringing together wood planks and aged brick.

Open shelves


Overflowing with white glassware and plants.

These stairs

patterned stairs

Effortless lines.

White pitchers

white pitchers

Perfect for added rustic charm to any room.

This mudroom


Joanna Gaines would always support decisions that include shiplap.

 This succulent wall


Perfect for your back porch.

 Colored doors that make a statement

colored doors

So inviting.

 Farmhouse sink 

farmhouse sink

Works in the bathroom, too.

 This striped table runner

striped table runner

Added matching place mats would add a great rustic touch!

 This tile backsplash 

tile backsplash

White simplicity is a theme I'm noticing.

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