Because being a twin is a beautiful thing.

1. They were there for it all

Your first birthday party? Your first day of kindergarten? The first time you rode your bike? Your twin was there for each big moment in your life, because they were experiencing the same thing with you. The best part is that they weren’t just there for the big stuff, even every little day and small detail they were right by your side. Having the same birthday never really bothered you guys, it makes it that much more special.

2. They understand the “Twin Culture” 

People genuinely think being a twin is the craziest, coolest thing. When you meet somebody and you mention it, you're suddenly reminded how different it must be for the non-twins. Your twin and you have gotten asked the question, “So, what’s it like being a twin?” so many times throughout your life that you just roll your eyes at this point when you hear it. Being asked that question is like asking “So, what’s it like to breathe?” to somebody.  Well, I don’t know! I’ve never not done that. Just like you have never not been a twin, you don’t know what it’s like because it just is your life. Having to educate others of the difference of fraternal and identical is a similar struggle—if I, a girl, have a twin brother then no, we’re not identical twins. That would be weird.

3. You used to dress the same and you’re both equally embarrassed

            As if '90s clothing weren’t bad enough, let’s look over the pictures that were shamelessly displayed during your graduation party and laugh because even if you have a twin brother and you are a girl, your clothing matches. I imagine for the same gender twins it has to be like looking at the twins from the shining, but for a brother and a sister the clothing isn’t identical. It strangely matches, either pink or blue, or has the same patterns throughout. It’s so cute it’s highly comical, because you were at the age when your mom (the super woman that she is for having twins) could put you in anything she wanted to and you couldn’t do much to change it. And don’t even get me started on Halloween costumes… 

4. You have twin telepathy

No, no I don’t mean the kind that you pretended to have on the elementary school playground to make yourselves look cool. I’m talking being able to finish each other’s sentences. Because as mentioned in number 1, your twin has been with you for as a long as you can remember, and memories tend to add up. It’s like breaking out in song with your best friend but that much better. The phone calls you make when you’re far away are epic; when you see the caller ID and it’s your twin, you know you better make yourself comfortable because you’ll be on the phone with them for at least an hour. Oh and yes, you can have a conversation with your twin without talking—all you need are the facial expressions, really. 

5. Your twin has so much dirt on you, but the same goes vice versa.

The speech you give at your twin’s wedding is going to be the best speech ever made (until, well, your own wedding when it’s their turn to make the speech) because you know the deep, dark embarrassing things that they don’t let anyone else know. You were present for their awkward stage (mainly because you were equally as awkward) and their strange music and clothing phases. Inside jokes get taken to a whole other level. Oh, and that thing you dared them to do up north one summer? You still remember it like it was yesterday. 

Your twin is your best friend; they were there for every moment of your life. They wiped away your tears, you comforted them on a bad day, and they laughed with you when you were happy. There is nothing like having a twin, somebody who goes through life at the same pace as you and is designated to be there for you, making you laugh through every step of the way.