Five Reasons Amy Schumer Is Unstoppable

Five Reasons Amy Schumer Is Unstoppable

A celebration of our nation’s newest barrier-shattering feminist, Amy Schumer, and what she means for our generation.


With her combination of breakneck delivery, sharp wit and blunt, disarming zingers, Amy Schumer — of Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” and the star and writer of the upcoming film, “Trainwreck” — is everything we need right now and more. Schumer is prying our eyes open to the most difficult, uncomfortable issues we’ve shied away from for so long, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Schumer isn’t just a comedian, she’s a full-blown activist for gender equality. Smart, funny and brutally honest, Amy Schumer isn’t leaving one stone unturned in the feminist fight, and she’s doing it in such a way that no one can stop her.

Why is she so important to us, specifically?

1. She is our time.

Amy Schumer is our generation’s hell-raising funny woman. Our grandparents saw Joan Rivers on Johnny Carson, our parents remember Ellen DeGeneres starting her standup career and our older siblings and cousins watched Tina Fey and Amy Poehler take over "SNL." We love these women all the same, but now we have the chance to see a groundbreaking career from the beginning, ourselves.

2. She connects with all of us by calling out everyone.

Part of the charm that is Amy Schumer is that she has no problem pointing fingers at guys and girls for the ridiculous things they do. Comedy sketches from her television show include mocking women who never accept compliments and instead just insult themselves (Compliments) and poking fun at men who obsess over wanting a girlfriend who acts like “one of the guys” (Chicks Who Can Hang). By covering all the bases, Schumer is the ultimate feminist; she promotes total equality in the most entertaining way.

3. She takes responsibility for her actions.

Amy Schumer does a beautiful job telling the world that no one is perfect, including herself. The Washington Post recently published an article accusing Schumer of making racist remarks in a past standup routine. So how does Amy respond? She doesn’t say “no comment,” and she doesn’t blame it on context. Instead, she replies, “I am taking responsibility and hope I haven’t hurt anyone. And I apologize [if] I did”. Racism is inexcusable, and we know that. But what is more important is that Schumer also knows that and will now be an example for other public figures be accountable and more sensitive as well.

4. She brings attention to what we usually sweep under the rug.

While many comedians just touch on serious issues, Amy Schumer does the opposite. She comes at us full force and puts the most uncomfortable issues directly in front of us so there is no choice but to absorb them. Sketches from her television series include topics like rape and victim blaming (Football Town Nights), sexual assault in the military (A Very Realistic Military Game) and reproductive rights (Ask if Birth Control is Right For You, satirizing the Hobby Lobby decision made last June). Discussing these topics could be a death wish for comedians, but Schumer is unstoppable in the sense that she, instead, raises awareness for the issues.

5. She uses herself as an example.

The fact that Amy Schumer primarily makes fun of herself is not just hilarious, it is also empowering. An episode-long “12 Angry Men” parody from her sketch series is a giant (male-based) discussion on whether Schumer is “hot enough to be on TV.” And just watch the trailer for her upcoming movie, “Trainwreck”. Aside from the already powerful fact that it’s based around a female protagonist who believes in promiscuity, the trailer includes the line “I like you, Amy. You’re clever, but you’re not too brainy. You’re pretty-ish, and you’re not gorgeous.”. Schumer fully captures the glory of the typical woman and leaves us surprised and relieved to hear such truth from a celebrity.

Amy Schumer has redefined “role model” for our generation. Here is a strong woman who promotes equality for both sexes, uses the bluntest of language and encourages us to accept change in order to progress. We are so lucky to have her fresh take on social justice, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.
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