Sorority recruitment seems to be looked at as one of the "worst experiences" one can go through during their college years. After going through rush, I can personally say that recruitment was nothing like what people had made me expect. Although everyone's rush experience is different, there are many myths about what goes on as a potential new member and behind the scenes of recruitment itself.

1. There is no such thing as "blacklisting."

The number one myth that I always hear about is "blacklisting." Sororities are not allowed to "blacklist" any potential new member before they go through rush.

2. It does not matter what you wear during recruitment. 

I was so worried about my outfit during recruitment. I was scared that my shoes or accessories were not going to be cute enough. After being on the other side of rush, that it not what any of the sorority members look at. They are focussed on your personality!

3. The girls in the sororities are not nervous. 

Trust me, it is a whole lot more nerve racking being the one doing the recruiting. Just think, they are trying to make sure hundreds of girls like their sorority and hope that they decide to join it.

4. You will only fit in at one sorority.

Many girls have the mind set that only one sorority will fit for them. That is not true! There are so many great girls in each sorority. If you find yourself liking more than one house, that it fine, it's normal. Just try to focus on what you want to be apart of long term.

5. You can only rush when you are a freshman. 

Recruitment is open to anyone who wants to be apart of a sorority. There is no stigma on anyone going through recruitment that isn't a freshman.