There's such an expectation for college when you're younger; especially in your senior year of High School. We tend to romanticize the idea of college; the freedom, the late nights, the friendships.. but we tend to ignore the actuality of college: the papers, the group projects, the stress and the responsibility.

So here are five gifs that probably describe you, if you're like me: a senior with a serious procrastination problem in your 2nd to last finals week:

1. When you start thinking this gif will be you, because your thesis is causing you to age prematurely and you just want a break from reality for a while.

2. When someone asks you what your plans are after graduation, and your only response in this face:

3. When your friends have to start dragging you to class because you've honestly lost all interest and care for your GPA:

4. When the professor told you, "Don't wait until that last minute," and you did just that...

5. When you just eventually give up and hope to God you can somehow pass your final exams:

Good luck to everyone on their finals, (even though we all want to just drop out)!