As soon as you get to college, you start meeting new people. It's not easy to keep up with friends and family back home. Luckily, there are some easy and fun ways to keep in touch or just remind your friends and family how much you miss them.

1. House Party

House Party is a group video app that is essentially like Skype. Just go onto the app and join the party--catch up with friends instantly or jump into your other friend's conversations. Download it on the app store and you'll instantly be hooked.

2. Phone Call

Go old school and pick up the phone. Whether you're on your way back to your dorm after class or if you have a few minutes--your friends or family will appreciate a quick phone call. Catch them up on the latest gossip, tell them about your classes, you'll both appreciate the effort!

3. Care Packages

Every college student knows just how nice it is to pick up a package and get free food or other necessities. Return the favor and send your bff a package on her birthday or send one out of the blue--either way, you'll feel good and they'll be even more excited for a surprise.

4. Letters

There's nothing better than a hand written letter. Yes, texting is easy and convenient, but a letter is irreplaceable. Your family will especially appreciate a letter you took the time to write out.

5. Instagram

Tag your friends in a photo from the summer reminding them how much you miss them. Something simple on social media can brighten their day and also help you guys keep in touch.