Since I got my Fitbit, it has become a huge part of my life. I have always been really into health and fitness, and all the lifestyle data the the Fitbit collects really impressed me. Not only does this little watch track my steps, but it also tracks my weight, BMI, workouts, sleep, periods. This thing does everything. But, after you have been using a Fitbit for a while, you realize this little thing is running your life.

"Time to Get Some Sleep"


It's 8pm, you just got home from what ever you do before 8pm, and you feel that familiar vibration on your wrist. It's your Fitbit telling you it's time to go to bed, and you don't even question it. Yes, you have procrastinated every assignment you have due this week, but when Fitbit says it is time to go to bed, it is time to go to bed.

"Let's Get Moving"


Somehow, it is 3pm on Saturday. You haven't left your bed at all, except to get food and use the bathroom. You feel that familiar vibration on your wrist. Is is a text message? Nope. It's your Fitbit reminding you how much of a lazy bun you are. You haven't even gotten 1,000 steps today, and you realize you don't really remember what outside looks like. So, you drag yourself out of bed. You throw on some workout clothes, and you go on a walk because when Fitbit say Let's get moving, you get moving.

The firework party when you get your steps


It's one of those very busy days. You've been running here and there, and still have a billion things to do. You feel that familiar vibration on your wrist. Your heart sinks slightly - please, please don't be something else I have to do. Then, you look at your wrist to a beautiful firework show on your risk. You did it, you walked 10,000 steps. Fitbit is proud of you.

"You have x,xxx steps left today. Let's get it!"


It's 11:50pm, you just got home from a long day. You have already missed your Fitbit's "Time to Get Some Sleep" message, and you really wish you had listened. You just get into bed, when you feel that familiar vibration on your risk. What is it now Fitbit? Only, 1,000 steps left for today. You mean 1,000 steps I definitely won't get tonight...but somehow you find yourself running around your apartment trying to get those last steps before it hits 12am. You win this time Fitbit because when you have 1,000 steps left, you get those 1,000 steps.

"It's walk o'clock"


​You've been at work for few hours now. You have a stack of paperwork at your desk that does not seem to be getting any shorter. You get that familiar vibration on your wrist, and you fill with happiness knowing it has to be your Postmates waiting for your lunch break. But no, it is just your Fitbit reminding you that you haven't moved in a few hours, and you're supposed to get 250 steps per hour. So you get out of your chair, and walk downstairs to wait for your Postmates because when Fitbit says it's walk o'clock, it must be walk o'clock.

"250 steps complete. Good job!".