20 Classic First World Problems We All Complain About
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20 Classic First World Problems We All Complain And Get Salty About

#17: When the food stand is cash only, and you haven't carried cash on you for a year.

20 Classic First World Problems We All Complain And Get Salty About
Karlee Onstad

Isn't funny how much we complain? Okay, but actually! We complain SO much about things that mean SO little. Now it's the things that we complain about, that, when you take a step back to observe, just makes you laugh in disappointment. And, trust me, I do it too. Like, I literally was inspired to write this article because the left earpiece of my headphones stopped working and I got unreasonably salty about it. So, here are some classic #firstworldprobs that we are all guilty of.

1. When your Uber driver takes 8 minutes to arrive at your pick-up location, but on the locating map, it indicated they were 5 minutes away.

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2. When you have your apps on automatic update and it starts updating as soon as you want to scroll through Insta, so you have to wait the 20 seconds for it to update.


3. When you are recording a video on Snapchat and you try to double-tap the screen to switch to the back camera but it doesn’t immediately work, so you get an awkward 1 second shot of your confused face.

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4. When the cheese on your McDonalds cheeseburger isn’t centered, so half of it is melted on the wrapping.


5. When you wear your white shoes for the first time and you accidentally get a scuff on the right shoe.


6. When you crank up the air conditioner in July but you turned it up too high and now you are cold.


7. When your amazon prime order takes 3 days to arrive instead of just 2 days.


8. When your iPhone doesn’t recognize your fingerprint so you have to type in your passcode.


9. When the WiFi is weak so you have to stare at the spinning circle for 30 seconds until your page loads.


10. When Netflix asks if you are still watching.


11. When you have to sit at a red light even though there are no other cars in the other lanes.


12. When you forget to start the dishwasher and you have to manually wash your spoon.


13. When you order Topper sticks at 2 am but it takes over an hour for it to be delivered.

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14. When autocorrect makes you text “Duck” instead of “Fuck.”


15. When commercials interrupt your Hulu show.  

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16. When you are scrolling through Instagram for the third time in five minutes and it reminds you that, “You’re All Caught Up.”


17. When the food stand is cash only and you haven’t carried cash on you for a year.

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18. When you refuse to listen to commercials on Spotify, so you pay the $5 each month for premium.


19. When you cannot log in into Netflix even though you have never paid for the account.


20. When you complain about having to walk two flights of stairs to do your laundry.

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