I'll start off by saying this job fell into my lap. I'm a senior in college with not too much professional job experience- sure, we've all been a host for five or six months or have had an assortment of on-campus jobs. But the company that hired me- a great company that is pretty well-known- the job was not one I was expecting to have in my last semesters of college, but I am so grateful for the experience of working a 9-5 job.

The official title of the position I hold is an Agency Specialist. What I do isn't hard work- I am on a computer all day working in Salesforce, a cloud-based software that holds the data that my company inputs for other companies. The main thing that we are known for is handling the responsibility of making sure that our clients' employees get their paychecks.

The name of the department I work in ESR- Employer Shared Responsibility. The data input that many of us in this area do is the beginning of the process for bringing our clients into our services.

Since I only work as a temporary employee, I get paid hourly, and the only requirement is that I work a minimum of 16 hours a week. I love the environment of my office. I was so excited my first day to walk in- although I was also super nervous- and see that I had my own cubicle with an already-printed nameplate (and yes my name was spelled correct!).

The people around me are great. Together, there are five of us under the same manager, and two out of the five of us are students at the same university. The woman that has trained me in the job sits in the cubicle behind me, and she is a total joy. It is great to feel happy in my workspace, and also confident enough to ask questions when I don't understand something.


I always had this image of what working in an office setting would look like (mainly from the TV show The Office), and it is pretty identical to what you would think. For my first "real world" job, it's been a good experience, and it has definitely helped me grow a lot this year. I know that having this job and the knowledge I gained from it will be useful to me wherever I end up next, and I can't wait to look back and recount my experiences during this time in my life.