I've been to numerous concerts in my time, anywhere from rock to reggae and country to Beyonce (yes, Beyonce gets her own category). In this time, I like to think I've picked up a few tips and tricks for concerts.

1. Don't wear jeans.

Unless it's -10 degrees and the concert is inside, don't wear jeans. If you're going to be jumping around, you're going to get hot and sweaty (especially in mosh pits). Wearing jeans makes you feel like the building is on fire and you're suffocating. Not worth it.

2. Wear sturdy shoes.

If you're going to be walking a lot, don't wear heels. Again, if you're going to be running around and dancing and jumping, wear comfortable shoes. My personal go to are Converse.

3. Don't bring a big bag.

For the sake of everyone around you, don't bring a big bag unless it's necessary (i.e. you're at a festival and you'll be there all day. Even then, keep your bag size down). Your bag will get in the way and eventually, it'll just be annoying to you and everyone around you. If you can avoid bringing a bag at all, don't bring one. Lock up your valuables in the car!

4. Make sure you eat and stay hydrated.

Eat a decent meal before you leave for a concert and keep drinking water when you get to the venue. You may be waiting to get to the venue for a while, so be prepared.

5. Don't wear a ton of make-up and if you do wear make-up, make sure it's waterproof.

Eyeliner and mascara smudge QUICK.

6. Bring a hair tie or just wear your hair up.

General admission concerts can get hot and your hair can get knotted. 9/10 times I opt to wear my hair in a ponytail or bun.

7. Take lots of pictures and have the time of your life.

After it's all said and done, and when the post-concert depression starts kicking in, it's always nice to have some photos and videos to look back on to relive the moment.