First Semester Thoughts As Told By 5 Animal GIFs

First Semester Thoughts As Told By 5 Animal GIFs

An animal for every mood.


When you can't find the words to describe how you are feeling about something going on at school, try a GIF. For every event, there is sure to be an animal GIF that accurately pictures your thoughts as you're going through life in college.

Doing laundry


This was me after I spent $12 and four hours doing a single load of laundry, which is a common problem in the residence halls when half the dryers don't seem to try your clothes and some of the washers leave your clothes so soaking wet you have to ring them out.

Discovering a new place to study


My new favorite study spot at UMD is the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Library. It is quiet and has plenty of different places to study. Best of all, it is close to North Campus dorms where most freshmen live, so it is the perfect option for when I don't feel like trekking over to Mckeldin.

When someone asks if the dining hall food is good


Not to say that it is all bad, but I would love a little more variety. And nothing beats the food from your own house and your favorite restaurants. A constant conversation between people here is how we just do not want to go to the dining hall anymore. Honestly, it is kind of a bonding point for the freshman.

Registering for classes


How I feel when I watch classes I want to register for fill up before my eyes. Freshmen, you know the struggle of having later registration dates. You find the perfect schedule, only to have one class get filled up and throw off the entire balance of your schedule.

Enjoying a Friday night in


Going out is fun, but sometimes a Friday night in with a movie and ice cream is exactly what you need after a long week, especially in the winter when it is super cold. There is nothing better than flopping down on my bed after getting some homework done and just taking a long break.

Animals really can understand our thoughts sometimes. Each one of these animal GIFs represents a different scenario at school, especially during the first semester. Pretty soon, it will be time for second semester, so we will see how these thoughts change!

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10 Things To Do If You Are In The D.C. Area This Holiday Season

There's nothing like Christmas in the Nation's Capital.


Looking for something fun to do during the holidays? Well, if you're in the D.C. area this holiday season, here are 10 fun things to do to get in the Christmas spirit!

Go see the National Christmas Tree.

The National Christmas Tree

A beloved tradition, the National Christmas Tree in Washington gathers spectators from all across the nation, and is truly a marvelous sight.

Visit the National Zoo at night to see the festive event, ZooLights.

The ZooLights

After many of the animals have gone to sleep, the zoo comes to life for the holiday season, with light displays sure to evoke that true spirit of Christmas.

Attend a Capitals game.

A Capitals Game

After last season's win of the Stanley Cup, the Washington Capitals have contagious energy that brings spirit to both the season and the game.

Go to a performance of The Nutcracker at the Warner Theater.

The Nutcracker

Witness Clara's journey with an American twist, as George Washington takes the role of the famous Nutcracker.

See the holiday display at the Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens

Enjoy festive floral displays, filled with poinsettias galore!

Visit the National Harbor to see the Gaylord’s ICE exhibit.

ICE at The Gaylord

Sculptures of ice make art a part of the holiday season at the Gaylord in the National Harbor. This year's focus on Rudolph is sure to excite all onlookers!

Stroll through the Downtown Holiday Market.

The Holiday Market

Open noon to eight daily from November 23rd to December 23rd, the Holiday Market, which is located on F Street between 7th and 9th and across from the National Portrait Gallery, has tons of gifts made by local artisans and small business owners.

Go ice skating at The National Gallery of Art.

Ice Skating at the National Gallery

Located in the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden, the ice skating rink makes for some good holiday fun in downtown D.C.

Walk through the D.C. City Center.

D.C. City Center

The City Center, which is home to many shops and restaurants as well as decorations that change every season, is a great place to experience some holiday lights and snag some great holiday photo opportunities.

See the holiday train display at Union Station.

Union Station Train Display

The wreathes and train displays in Union Station bring travelers and spectators alike Christmas cheer, with beautiful flowers and Christmas trees littering the station!

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