10 Things I Realized After My First Semester At ASU
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10 Things I Realized After My First Semester At ASU

I was never a nap person... until I started sleeping for four hours in the middle of the day and realized how amazing they are.

10 Things I Realized After My First Semester At ASU
Lauren Grattopp

I love college... mostly. I love being on my own and being responsible for myself, but my first semester at Arizona State University has taught me many lessons that I was not expecting.

Making friends is difficult

Everyone always told me it would be extremely easy to make friends in college. What I found was the exact opposite but once you've got a couple good ones, stick with them and your life will be great.

It's super easy to miss deadlines

It's a slap in the face when you realize you have five assignments overdue because you forgot about them since you don't have class every day.

If you write something in your planner, actually look at it

Sometimes I would miss deadlines even if I wrote them in my planner... #SMH.


The elevators have the potential to be the bane of your existence, especially when you have ten minutes to get to class and people have decided they need to stop at every single floor. Be TP fit people!! (If you are a Taylor Place resident you know what I mean).

Quiet hours? What are those?

Living in the room right next to the lounge has proved to NOT be the best decision I've ever made. Do people really not understand that some of us are trying to sleep at 2 a.m.?

Dogs are a blessing

God bless the people that bring dogs to campus every Tuesday morning.

Take naps

I was never a nap person... until I started sleeping for four hours in the middle of the day and realized how amazing they are.

Laundry machines are great... when they aren't full

Please don't be the person that leaves your laundry in the machine an hour after it's done. Or the person that uses both of them at the same time...


You better pray harder than you ever have before that your roommate isn't in class on the day you accidentally lock your keys in your room.

Participate in activities even if you think you won't enjoy them

Even if you are 100% positive you won't have a good time, do it anyways and you might just end up meeting someone that changes your life!

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