I'm In My First Relationship, And It's Long-Distance

"I can't stay mad at you"
"Don't abuse that power"
"I won't"
"I know cause you're a good girlfriend"
*insert a flip out session*
"Uhhh I'm nobody's girlfriend."
"You wanna be mines"
"Are to asking me out??"

Those were the exact text messages I got and sent when the guy that I've been in the talking/are we flirting stage for five months sent one Sunday afternoon while I was at the grocery store with my dad Memorial Day weekend (they really are including the typos and the poor punctuation but it's OK, they are text messages).

Once that happened, I probably sent about five messages trying to get the attention of my best friend (also his friend) and even typed in her full name kind of having an internal freak out session.

Here I am, 20 years old, in a grocery store on a Sunday afternoon with my dad, being asked out.

After much delay and internal freaking out sessions, I finally sent "yes."

Sometimes still to this day, my friend and I wonder if we really are dating. He has confirmed that we are, so we are just going to go with that and move on.

Now, you may be wondering why this article title has the words long-distance in it. Well, here's why.

He lives around the area where I go to college, and I am home for the summer.

It might not seem like that far, and trust me I know it is not far (I have friends from college that live in Michigan and that's another state shoutout to my good friend Katie) but again I only really saw him three times when he moved to Wood County. Before he even moved, he lived in Chicago so at least we know we can maintain a long-distance friendship (again, I would like to shout out Katie because this is a long-distance friendship also).

Here are a few things to note:

We never kissed. Yes, I still haven't had my first kiss and I'm OK (refer to my articles about being single for all my life) and we probably won't for a while.

We live far, but we text a lot.

I'm still not used to him calling me "babe."

The last note can go with whether over text or in person because he has called me babe in real life before.

I still turn red like a tomato when he compliments me.

Tucker, you brought this onto yourself when you gave him my Snapchat back in December.

He doesn't know that I'm writing this article so when and if I tell him about this and he sees this, hi. The only name I mentioned was Tucker's and not yours.

I'm literally rambling right now because I don't know how to do a relationship. Nonetheless a semi-long-distance relationship.

So will I make it out alive? I hope...

Will the next article be about my first kiss? When it happens, expect it.

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