Maximum Security was considered one of the favorites for the Kentucky Derby, as the race began, #7 was clear and out front and looked to be the one to take home the roses.

As the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby got underway, it looked like one of the clear favorites for the race, Maximum Security, was going to win. As the race came to a close, Maximum Security moved off the rail and made contact with other horses, which per the rule was an illegal move. As he crossed the finish line, the joy and elation of winning the Kentucky Derby came over the jockey, Luis Saez. As the victory party started, it was announced that the race was under protest, fans, and jockeys were waiting on pins and needles for the official result. Then, the official results were released showing that the Country House has won the 145th running for the Kentucky Derby, little did everyone know, history was made that day for the right and wrong reasons.

This was the first time that a horse has ever been disqualified from the race, and with it being the winner, it made news across the world.

As Maximum Security was disqualified, it left Country House, a thoroughbred with 60-1 odds to win the race, declared the winner, which was huge for fans who had placed a bet on Country House. But, what this also did was cost betters across the country over 9 million dollars. This wasn't the first controversy to rock the race, as one of the favorites going into the Derby, Omaha Beach, was scratched from the race. As the race was getting going, it was clear that this Derby was going to be one that was remembered for years to come. But, no one expected what was to come after the finish of the race.

This race has changed the landscape of horse racing and sports across the country.

Now people could be less reluctant to placing a bet, as in sports anything can and will happen. Also, now no matter what the event, anyone and everyone can and will have a chance to win. After this race, it seems that betters will be more likely to look at horses who aren't complete longshots, but they are also not considered the favorites for the race. Everyone wants to dream about making history, and they want to be remembered for generations beyond, but no one is wanting to be remembered like Maximum Security will be remembered, as the horse that was disqualified in the Kentucky Derby.