Hey Pup,

I miss you daily, even though it has been a few years. I will never forget the excitement of having my very first dog and, for the first time, I felt a happiness I never knew prior to that. Getting your first dog is kind of like getting your first car. You feel responsible, but you are so excited, you do not care how much it will take to take care of them. You love them from the moment you hug them in that shelter and know that they are coming home with you.

You were a crazy one and you sure had your moments. That day you took a day trip to the neighbors while we were at work or school, I came home and I was terrified I would never see you again. I was so upset until we got the phone call that you were just down the street having a doggy playdate. You were my first dog and that is something I will never forget. Sure, I struggled with picking up poop out of the backyard, but I will never forget how much fun you were. I remember you would sit in the lake on a hot day and make the cutest face of relief. I remember you would gnaw on my arm while we were playing around, but it never hurt me. I remember you would retrieve the ball, but you would never bring it back to me. I remember taking you on walks and then you would see a bunny so, of course, you would drag me behind you. I will always remember that story that mom told where you brought home your first rabbit in your mouth, but you did not kill it. To me, you had the sweetest heart.

You loved me through the worst of my moments and you would just sit there listening, but comforting me all at the same time. You loved me through my happiest of moments where you would get excited with me, dance around and wag your tail because you were excited to see that I was so happy. You were always there when I just needed someone to cry on or go on a nice walk with. You would rest your head on my legs and I knew just how much you loved me as well as the entire family. You become an important part of our family and that is why you are irreplaceable.

I spent a big part of my life with you. It was not until after you had passed that I realized everything that I had lost. I lost my companion and easily one of my best friends. I cried for weeks and, sometimes, I still cry. You taught me about loving unconditionally, you taught me to not take life too seriously, and you taught me how to listen. I am more upset that I could not have told you exactly how you made me feel because I wonder what on Earth I did to have deserved you in my life.

It's been nearly four years since you have been gone, and I still relive that day sometimes. I cried uncontrollably. I cried the next day at school. I had dreams about you for weeks. I still do. What they do not tell you about owning your first dog, is that someday you are going to have to say goodbye and it is going to break your heart. They impact your entire world and once they are gone, you feel some kind of emptiness. That is exactly how I felt with you.

You may be gone now, but I will never forget you. You are irreplaceable in my heart. I will always cherish you and your life with me. I love you so much. I will see you on the other side.


Your humans