13 Thoughts You Have During Your First Few Days Of College
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Student Life

13 Thoughts You Have During Your First Few Days Of College

Because this is a pretty crazy, weird time.

13 Thoughts You Have During Your First Few Days Of College
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The first few days of college as a freshman can be a confusing, overwhelming, exciting, and scary time. Basically, you end up feeling all the feels in a matter of a few days. I have attempted to honestly express these thoughts and neatly compile them into a list. Enjoy, and if you are also a freshman, I hope that you relate, and feel heard!

1. College is great!!!!!

  1. The new friends, the new feelings of freedom, the fun events, and just all the new things can make you really feel like everything in college is just the most amazing thing ever

2. I’m soooo nervous/stressed/anxious


But, at the same time, all the new experiences bring about many new challenges that are completely terrifying. I've felt nervous about my classes, making new friends, living on my own, and even stupid things like the items in my fridge going bad. There is so much going on, and so many things that you need to think about that it can be really overwhelming.

3. I don’t know where anything is!


I have found myself confused about where I am going, and where certain buildings are multiple times, and I've only been on campus a few days.The funny thing is, I seem to know where I'm going more than some of the other people I've met on campus! I suppose that we are all just as confused as each other!

4. I miss my family much more than I thought I would.


I knew that I would miss my family, but I honestly did not realize quite how much I would miss them, and how soon that would come about. I thought that homesickness would more be something that would come on gradually, but it really ended up hitting me hard in the first few days. I am hoping that this is a feeling that comes and passes, which I assume is will be, but, we'll see.

5. What did I get myself into?


All of the new things that college brings can make you feel very overwhelmed, sort of like you're sucked into this whirlpool of madness and it's wonderful, and it's terrifying at the same time. It can make you feel like you've gotten yourself into way more than you planned.

6. Do I look like a freshman?

I definitely questioned if I looked very obviously like a freshman many times as I walked around campus. I think we have a look of bewilderment that upperclassmen can sense. We'll see if I acquire the ability to pick that look out when I'm an upperclassmen.

7. Am I bad at making friends?


I don't know if everyone can relate to this, but I know that especially the first day or so, I was really struggling to make friends, especially close ones that I could have more than just a simple, surface conversation with. Maybe I'm just awkward, but for me, making friends has been hard. Although, as of now, it is getting much easier, and I am beginning to make some friends that I think I will be really close with. (Shoutout to the friends I've made so far, you're awesome :) )

8. How did I miss which dining halls were closed today?


The dining halls have different hours for the first few days before classes begin, which can be very confusing. On the third day here, a few friends and I went to the one dining hall that was not open for breakfast that day. Later, I heard that many other people made the same mistake. Yay freshman year. Luckily, I had a granola bar in my bag. :)

9. I have no ability to function as an independent human being.


In order to simply perform basic "adult" functions, you have to learn lots of new things, such as where the kitchen in the dorm is, how the laundry machines work, and where the heck the trash and recycling bins are. I found this a bit stressful, as I would go to take out our recycling, and walk around the dorm in a confused, panicked state. We've worked things out at this point, though. :)



Navigating your way through a new environment and lifestyle can be way more tiring than you'd expect. I found that even on days when I didn't have much going on, I was so exhausted by the end of the day. Simply introducing yourself to so many people and learning so much more information can make your body crash by the end of the day. Many naps and longer nights have occurred these past few days. Hopefully soon I can adjust to getting less sleep. :)

11. Freedom!!!


I have also felt filled with a freeing feeling of freedom. I see events on the welcome schedule, and I realize that I don't actually have to go to them, since pretty much everything I do in college is my choice. I can go where I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want. It's pretty cool. And a little scary. But still pretty awesome.

12. ....But also a full schedule with a bunch of introductory events.


At the same time, there are many introductory events that I felt pretty strongly that I should go to (i.e. a department meeting). So while I do have lots of freedom, and classes haven't even started yet, I've got a pretty busy and exhausting schedule.

13. I think these 4 years are gonna be pretty great.


Overall, I'm pretty excited about these next 4 years. I think it's gonna be an amazing ride, and I can't wait to see what happens.

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