best friend the sister you never had

Picture this: you're 3-years-old and in your very first year of preschool. Your mom drops you off to some random people and you are now surrounded by complete strangers. Then, you suddenly begin playing with these new kids as if you've known them forever (if forever was three years long).

Or, your first best friend was born three months ahead of you, and it just so happens she is your dad's childhood best friend's daughter. Crazy how these things work right?

You were there through it all. Fast forward just a couple years, and I would be moving schools. Who would have thought a few years later you'd join me at my new school, too?

So here's a thank you. First, I would like to thank you for being the sister I was not biologically given. Although you had two of your own already, we were just as close. We fought — a lot. Who am I kidding, we still fight, but nothing changes the fact that we are family.

Thank you for being my adventure partner. For always wanting to explore like me! Whether it was our search for arrowheads or playing in fallen trees, you have never turned down our insane ideas of fun.

Thank you for always having my back. Whenever there may have been drama between someone else and myself, you never jumped to conclusions first. And you definitely were not one to switch sides and join in on the people who were not fond of me just for popularity. Through hardship, death, breakups, you name it — we have been through it all. You have always been there and I will always be there for you

Thank you for always coming back even when we fall apart. There have been MANY times throughout our friendship when we blew up. Countless times we decided we were no longer friends and would never speak again. There have even been times where we just randomly became distant for our own reasons. Yet, somehow we always come back together. That's what best friends are for, right?

Most importantly, thank you for always staying true to yourself. Yes, along the way we have made new friends. This year specifically, we were both a part of very different crowds. But everything happens for a reason. Thank you for always being confident in us and our friendship no matter how hard things got for both of us.

Now here we are, the summer before college, and moving away from you is something I dread. Leaving home for college and leaving you behind has hit me harder than you know it. But, you should know by now I am only a text or call away, and my futon will always be open for a random sleepover (even in college).

I'll love you always!

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