Are You Finished Graduate School, But Still Not An Adult?

Are You Finished Graduate School, But Still Not An Adult?

I've been applying to any job I'm qualified for, no responses thanks to economy and government


I finished graduate school in May. I now have my Master of Education in Organizational Management with a concentration in higher education.

I’ve applied for a bunch of full-time jobs within an hour radius of my house because I can’t afford an apartment. My insurance just went up and I may be unable to afford it. I still have car payments. I need to pay for gas. I pay for some groceries. I don’t get how people my age and younger can live on their own and afford it all.

I’ve applied to more than 20 full-time positions, I’ve heard back from a total of two. Just two. One that just said that I didn’t even make it to the interview round and the other I did make the interview round. But for the other 18 or so, I don’t even get acknowledgement from the college or university that they don’t even want me. They just ignore me completely instead. People my age (23) get offers for full-time jobs with benefits. I’ve been working hard to write customized cover letters for each job and I just get ignored for the most part. It’s incredibly frustrating. Baby boomers tell me I’m lazy, they assume that my generation is lazy and entitled. Well, Jerry and Judy, you ruined the economy, you’re staying at entry level jobs that typically I would be able to pick up, and you elected the bloviating flesh bag that is the 45th president.

I am thankful and fortune for my situation where my dad is allowing me to live rent-free with him at the moment. I try to help out around the house and my full-time job is applying to full-time jobs. I need something with benefits because the shitehawk and his flying monkeys are trying to strip millions of poor and middle class people of healthcare. I can only hope to own a house one day when it was basically guaranteed for Jerry and Judy even when they worked an entry-level job.

I’m semi-independent – I can care for myself and not set the house on fire. I can cook, clean, and usually get up at a reasonable hour. To everyone else who is in situations like mine – good luck to you, but at least we have each other. Hopefully our generation is able to recover from this catastrophe and undo the damage the Republicans have inflicted on us.

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