Finding Rest in a Busy Season

These past few weeks have been really rough for me. I've continued to struggle with prioritizing my tasks, and I know that my schedule is going to continue to get busier and busier over the semester. This past weekend, however, I was given the opportunity to connect with some old camp friends and find rest in the Lord's presence. Even with the chaos of life around us, God brings peace beyond our own understanding. Through this busy season, I pray that the Lord would allow us to find rest in life to understand His sovereignty.

When people ask me how I seem so optimistic about my day, I often respond telling them how the key to having an abundant life is to live by faith. God's loving power allows me to get through the day without grumbling as I rely on his own strength. When I try to do everything on my own I fail. When I get worn down by my mistakes and failures, I usually fall into a pit of self-doubt and worry. But when I lean onto God, I can find rest in his presence and learn from my mistakes to enjoy life despite the circumstances.

With all the outside pressure of finding time for school, work, friends and family, it can be hard to find balance with a healthy lifestyle. I often neglect to remind myself to "be still" and know that the Lord is to be exalted high (Psalm 46:10). Reminding myself of this verse allows me to be more focused on helping others instead of being bogged down in what I am doing for myself.

I've also begun to realize that the stress built up in my life often stems from worry or doubt. I analyzed how I approach my circumstances, and I found that my attitude would reflect my negative outlook of what I needed to get done. As a partner of God, however, I understand that I play a part in a bigger story. Everything God has called me to do isn't for my glory. It's for His will and His greater good. God gives me hard situations to handle because He knows I can tackle it.

It's hard to realize that God doesn't need our help in life. He's already planned out every situation and every circumstance so that we don't have to stress about the future. When I meditate over a problem and think about the possible outcomes, I also have to remind myself that God already has the answer. God doesn't need my help but He chose me to be a part of His will so that I could He could be glorified.

Today I ask that I would trust the Lord to relieve me of stress, doubt, worry, and fear. I want to enter a state of rest in this busy season with a childlike faith - that I live by grace through faith.

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