How to connect with your spirit

We all know that being in touch with your mind, body, and soul is the only way to be a completed balanced human being. A little bit of personal time every day will help you become a happier person. After years of trying things out I have found what I think works best for me to enjoy my spirit.

1. Read a book

Even if it's just 6 pages a day. It'll help get away from your current day-made and focus on something else

2. Go outside

PKaitlyn Moore

Sitting outside and literally just listening to the birds or the cars driving by on the road can help you focus and realign your mind.

3. Scroll through Pinterest

I know it sounds so strange, but scrolling through Pinterest makes my soul so happy. It gives me great ideas and makes me feel like a creative woman.

4. Diffuse oils

I use my dōTERRA diffuser which can basically lull me to sleep or wake me the hell up depending on which oils I diffuse.

5. Do yard work

This one might not work well with everyone but yard work to me is so satisfying and makes me feel accomplished and happy.

6. Hang with your grandparents

Kaitlyn Moore

Hanging with gram and gramps makes me feel like a kid again, and there is nothing wrong with putting life aside for a hot sec.

7. Put your damn phone down

Spend time in your bedroom, living room, make a meal, chill outside...without your phone. It's gonna feel funny as first but living without a constant ring or feeling like you are waiting for something is great.

8. Go on a hike by yourself

Sometimes going into the woods and experiencing a quiet time with nature can be so fulfilling. You might feel like a new person after this.

9. Drive without any music.

This might be one of the only times you have not a single noise around you. Take advantage of it and use time to think

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