Looking For My Love Of Reading Again

At one point in my life, reading was one of the only things I wanted to do. It was something I could do anywhere and everywhere and it was always different. Also, as a kid and teenager, my parents were always happy to see me reading and it even got me out of cleaning my room a few times. But reading was always a unique experience that took me somewhere new and allowed me to feel emotions and thoughts I hadn't yet felt.

When I was younger I liked to read many genres but typically ones about best friends or historical fiction books. As a teenager, if the book wasn't a romance, it was rare that I would even think about reading it. I'll admit that my books of choice are either books you love or books you hate. For example, my go-tos would be the "Twilight" series or the "50 Shades" series. But, I loved those books and I was engulfed in them when I read.

I don't know when it really happened, I think it was a gradual thing, but at some point, reading was on the back burner. I think the main cause of this is that in high school and college, I was forced to read novels and textbooks that bored me to no end. Or, even if the text was interesting, it was thrown onto the already large pile of things I had to do in a short time and I did not have time to thoroughly enjoy it. This is really sad to me, that school would turn someone away from something so educational as reading.

So currently, I am searching for that book to ignite that spark for reading again. Because there is nothing like staying awake for hours, unable to put down a book. There is nothing like being transported to a foreign love story in Italy or a love triangle in Spain. There is nothing like becoming a new person while reading.

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