I have had my fair share of getting sick, but it hasn’t stopped me from completing homework and tasks. Since high school I have had a weak immune system. Every November/December I would come down with severe colds making my nose runny, my eyes teary from sneezing frequently, and my voice crack.

It’s the end of my junior year in college and things haven’t changed. Coming down with a cold, which hit me hard and suddenly, has slowed me down, but not for long. I’m a goal-orientated person but it can still be difficult to concentrate and get down to business when my throat is scratchy and all I want to do is sleep. Here are a few ways to help find motivation during a sick time.

1. Warm drinks and simple meals.

Warm tea and lukewarm water are the best drinking options. They will help soothe your irritated throat. While drinking your warm tea, the rising steam will also help decongest your stuffy nose, even if just a little bit. Stick to simple meals such as chicken noodle soup, broths with vegetables and crackers.

2. Get more than enough sleep.

During your sleep, your body is working hard to protect and heal itself from injuries/illnesses. When you have a cold, make sure to get enough sleep in order to aid this process. Opt for nine hours of sleep. Most college students say they don’t get more than seven but during any sick time, it’s important to have good planning skills and get work done on time in order to get more sleep.

3. Surround yourself with the essentials.

Everyone has essentials when they’re dealing with a cold: a tissue box, medicine, tea, water, orange juice, saltine crackers, etc. Make sure to have these essentials near you when you’re getting ready to work on assignments, homework, projects and such. It’ll be easier to concentrate on the work at hand when you don’t have to constantly get up for something you need.

4. Listen to upbeat music.

Even though you may not feel great, you can pump yourself up with energizing music. It will allow you to focus on the beat instead of your aching body and can rid you of your urge to sleep. This isn’t just a motivational tip for when you’re sick, but all year round.

5. Think long term.

Being sick can be dreadful, but it won’t last forever. Think about your long-term goals and where you want to be in the future. In a year you won’t even remember being sick, but you’ll still be working towards your goals. When you’re sick you won’t be 100 percent, but you can still try to make the most of it. Focus on what’s important and not what’s temporary.