After just finishing my sophomore year, it is important to look back onto how my college career has gone so far. I came into college as a single girl with every intention of finding someone that I would spend my life with. I had that fantasy vision of telling my future children how I met their father at college and we lived happily ever after. Instead, I spent my first semester single. I made a handful of friends that I thought hung the moon and the stars. Then I met a strange girl from across the hall that had a look on her face like she hated the world, and man was her intelligence level intimidating. I was sure that I didn't like her right away. My old friends fell away as the leaves fell from the trees and I found that this girl from across the hall to be better best friend that I had ever had before. We made a few other friends as well that proved to be amazing. I came back from Christmas break with a boy whom I had feelings for and new best friends that I loved. The boy asked me out in February and I said yes! We spent a magical and heart-wrenching six months together. We talked about marriage, we talked about kids, we wanted to spend our lives together. Sadly, that didn't come to pass and the relationship ended. As fall and my single status returned, I took solace in the arms of the girls who I had befriended.

They acted as my backbone, my heart, and my sense of humor while I recovered. They made sure that I knew that I was still worth something, that I am good enough, and that someone will fall in love with me. They made sure that I knew that I was loved, even if that silly boy stopped loving me. They made me remember what it felt like to cry only because I was laughing too hard, not because I was heart broken. These girls went above and beyond with our friendships, from the endless restaurants that we visited on girl's nights, countless shopping trips, spur of the moment piercings, and taking me on my first trip to the zoo! The countless ice cream runs, parties and movie nights meant far more than any cute boys I ran across.These girls helped me to realize that college isn't about finding the perfect boyfriend, it is about finding yourself and the people that will stand by your side for the rest of your life. College is about trying new things, learning new things, meeting new people, and making new memories. It is okay to be single in college because it isn't about finding a husband, it's about finding your bridesmaids. Husbands are a bonus.