Finding An Internship​

So, classes are finally over, but that does not mean the works ends. The work after finals week can be different for everyone. Some people have to travel to big cities, work for the big four or some other fortune 500 company. That is not my situation. I have an internship that far surpasses making Starbucks runs or being a copy girl. For my summer I have get to handle valuable art and make a lasting impression on the place I am interning at. Being a curatorial Intern at a small museum my impact can be felt throughout the entire organization. Everyone knows me by name, and I can help in any department if need be. The purpose of my story is to show you that no matter your major no matter your end goal in life. There are amazing opportunities out there. People may look down on you because of society's expectations that business or finance are the only options, but just embrace you and your goals. Find the internship that is right for you.

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