Find Your Shooting Star

You will understand the title soon enough, I promise! But first I want to state the question a lot of people have, "Is God Really There?" I didn't spend hours reading, researching, or gathering data before I wrote this. I am simply just sharing my own experience to answer this question. Anytime uncertainty arises about God, there is always one thing I share with people, and even remind myself...

It was a long time ago, when I was young and my parents weren't yet divorced. I had accepted Christ into my heart at the age of four and went to church almost every Sunday. My mom, dad, little brother and I went to the lake one night to walk the pier and look at boats.

The sky was filled with dazzling stars that seem to smile back at me with a joyful twinkle. I remember my mom and I sat at the end of a dock, with our feet hanging off the edge overtop murky water. My mom had seen quite a few shooting stars in her life, and she was telling me how she thinks that God was showing her He was there by sending her stars.

Being the little girl that I was, part of me was jealous. I remember the thoughts of "well I want to see a shooting star" and "that's not fair." After she told me all about the shooting stars she had seen, I looked up at the sky with a yearning plea for one of the stars to move. As I stared at the sky, I said the words aloud to my mom, "I wonder if God would ever send me a shooting star."

No lie and no mistake was made... seconds after the words had left my lips, a beautiful shooting star sped across the sky. The star was not like any other, for behind it looked like a trail of pixie dust following it. My mom had shouted, "Abby, please tell me you saw that?" And I remember nodding with my mouth wide open, completely awestruck with wonder.

After seeing the star, I remember my heart feeling like it was going to burst. I couldn't believe that God had sent little me, a small and insignificant being, a shooting star. It's then that I felt Him there with me, like I knew without a doubt that He was and is always with me.

I think that God can show Himself to anyone who is willing to believe and search for Him. Though it is easier for a child to believe so fully in something, there is no mistaking that those who seek will find. I've discovered this as I've gotten older, that when I search for God and dive into His word, I can feel His presence and discover more of who He is.

You can search for God in many ways during everyday moments... He is there. Find your shooting star by talking to Him, searching for Him, believing in Him. No one can give you proof, it is a yearning for Him that can answer the question for you, "Is God really there?" If you want to know, then discover through your own experience.

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