How To Find Droppings At Longwood
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How To Find Droppings At Longwood

A few of my little secrets for finding Chi Princep droppings at Longwood University

How To Find Droppings At Longwood
Sara Clark

Now that the exam week has past, you might be wondering how all these Longwood students find Chi or Princeps droppings. I know I always wonder the same thing. I, however, have three droppings of my own so I have a few tips on how to get your collection going.

1. Always check up in the trees

When you're walking through Longwood's campus and you pass a tree look up see if anything is out of place. This is how I found my second dropping. I was walking to the library during exam week second semester and something caught my eye in the tree, so I jumped up there to get it. It was an oven mitt, with the words good luck on your exams. It never hurts to do a little investigation when something seems strange.

2. Always keep an eye on your surroundings

The reason I'm telling you to walk your surroundings is because of how I received my first dropping. It was during my first semester here and I was doing the crown hop with some friends. We saw two people sitting and decided it was normal. As we got closer to them, they jumped up and flashed a giant canvas. When we relieved it was a princeps dropping we all took off running, I was luckily the fastest and claimed it. If you're wondering the two figures placed it down and ran away because they have to be hidden. But, while everyone was being a little salty about me getting to the dropping first, my roommate noticed something, which leads me to my next number.

3. Check building signs

My roommate noticed there was a Santa hat sitting on the sign for the building and it was also a dropping. So, as you walk by each building, look at the signs and see if something is there.

4. Check the Giant Robot

That's right, that iconic robot has been known to hold many droppings in the past. So, why wouldn't it be the perfect place for the present?

5. Keep an eye open when you're walking the halls of Ruffner

Ruffner is the key building on campus and Chi's symbol is the famous Rotunda, so Chi likes to hide droppings in there. Taylor, another writer for the Odyssey, found a Chi dropping in Ruffner. So, if you see something in Ruffner, always double check.

6. Go on late night walks

This is one of the big things to do. Many people found droppings all over campus just because they were out late at night. A fellow student last year found one on his walk back to the Park after the closing of the gym. The members of the society go out late at night and place them and if you're out just as late then you get first chance at them.

7. Think positively

Something so simple can be so important. If you don't have the right attitude then you won't get the luck. My roommate and I went to a Chi walk and she didn't think she was going to get a dropping, and I told her "not with that attitude." I always think positively when it come to the hunt. But that night at the walk I thought positively and I was lucky enough to be thrown a birthday hat from Chi.

Best of luck to all of you on your future hunts! If you ever get a dropping, make sure you show it off with pride. They're meant to bring you joy and happiness. I know mine have.

Now that I've shared a few secrets about finding droppings I hope to see you all during second semester looking up and around for anything that might be a little unordianary.

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