12 Days of Finals


Just kidding. It is finals mode, and the amount of overload right now is unbelievable. The three weeks in between Thanksgiving and finals is a whole different world.

When your professor is still teaching and your final is in less than a week.

Seriously though, why are they teaching the most difficult material a week before finals and they are not going to review it. Instead, you will get a test on it two days before finals. HOW does that help at all?

When you are in complete denial that finals are coming up and you're still having fun.

You subconsciously know that finals are coming up but you decide to go out and have fun anyway. Because after all, they aren't THAT close, right?

And then it hits you like a truck that finals are amongst us.

You now acknowledge that you have to start studying, but no one really wants to.

Sleep deprivation begins to kick in after pulling all- nighter after all nighter.

You start sleeping in the library because of how much you are there. The desk starts to become more and more comfy as the days go on.

You start to stress eat.

All the time.

Your bed becomes littered in empty chip bags and goldfish crumbs.

When you've been studying for 10 minutes and think you deserve a break.

It is definitely good to step back from the chaos of studying to take a break. Even if it's only been ten minutes...

When your professor announces last minute that the final won't be cumulative.

This is a blessing in disguise. Knowing that you don't have to dig your notes out from the first week of school makes the stress disappear- just a little.

When you are trying to figure out why any of the stuff you're studying matters.

You may be asking yourself why you have to find the surface area of a rotating can, but be assured that it has a purpose. At least, I think.

And then you realize this:

When you are studying with your friends, and the 2AM delusions begin.

Walking into your first exam:



During the exam:

After the exam:

When you finish all of your exams:

Finals can definitely be stressful. But remember to just breathe and that this is not the end of you. You can make it through! You are destined for great things if you are willing to put the effort in. Good luck to all!

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