Your Finals Week As Told By 23 Of The Best Moments From 'Riverdale'

Your Finals Week As Told By 23 Of The Best Moments From 'Riverdale'

No one understands stress better than B&V


The end of the semester is here which means final exams are, too. You’ve been filling your brain with all of this new information and you have to put it to the test. Finals are difficult, especially in college. You may need to get 110% on it just to pass the class. Basically, the week is exhausting. The characters in Riverdale never catch a break, just like you this week, with the drama and suspense that occurs in their town.

1. Sunday Night

You feel confident that you are going to ace all of your exams because you studied a lot.

2. Morning of an early exam

3. Waking up after accidentally falling back asleep

4. Going to the wrong room

5. Getting "Name: ______" correct

Yay! You knew the first part!

6. Reading the first question and having no idea what it means

7. Reading the second question and having no idea what it means

8. Maybe the third question is better?

9. Nope.

10. Finding a question you do know and starting from there

11. Finding out that one topic you thought wasn't important is now determining your grade in the class

12. When that one person leaves 20 minutes into the exam

13. The professor tells you there's x amount of time left

14. Bubbling in C for every multiple choice answer

15. Handing in the exam

16. Leaving the exam

17. Overhearing classmates compare what answers they got

18.Realizing you didn't get any of those

19.Deciding how to break the news to your parents that you may fail

20. Remembering you have to go through that agony again

21. Reminding yourself that vacation is just around the corner

22. The feeling of freedom after your last final

23. Checking your grades

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