Finals Week As Told By Parks and Rec.

Finals are a stressful time, combine that with packing up all your belongings, and summer on the horizon, the last week of school can feel like a week of pure hell. But never fear, Leslie Knope and her team have taught us all that a little hard work, patience, and passion goes a long way.

1.) When you are desperately trying to make any part of your final essays exciting.

2.) When you try to console yourself that the math test you just failed doesn't really matter.

I mean in the grand scheme of life who really does use math?

3.) When you realize you still have 3 finals left, a group project, and an essay.

We all have our ways of coping with stress...Embrace them.

4.) When you need a little pre-exam pep talk to get you in the zone.

5.) When you have been up for 48 hours studying and are losing all hope.

Hang in there it is almost over with.

6.) When you come on a little strong in the group project.

Some of us simply have better ideas...

7.) When your friends try to convince you none of this really matters.

8.) When you start to reconsider your intelligence.

9.) When breaks become the only thing that separate you from insanity.

10.) When you break down in your professor's office from all the stress.

11.) When the only thing holding you together is your friends.

12.) When you realize you forgot to finish that late assignment.

It happens to all of us.

13.) When finals week is coming to a close and you feel like death.

14.) When you think you may never be happy again.

15.) Always remember that a little hard work goes a long way and it will all be okay.

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