Every college student is beginning to prepare themselves for the dreaded finals week. As rough as it may be for some, Kevin Hart can lighten up any situation with humor. I hope all struggling students can laugh and relate to these highs and lows of finals week, as told by Kevin Hart.

1. When the professor says the exam will be open note

2. When you see a question on the exam that was never covered in class

3. When you desperately need that extra credit so you laugh at your professor's bad jokes

4. When you get a C- on the exam but it's still a passing grade

5. When you take a break from studying to take a nap

6. When someone you barely know asks you to give them your study guide

7. When your professor curves the exam

8. When the study guide the professor gave the class doesn't help at all on the exam

9. When you don't know any of the matching questions so you just guess

10. When the professor says the exam will be cumulative

11. When the smart freshman helps you study for the exam

12. When you finish a final and know you crushed it

13. When you have three hours to do a semester's worth of work

14. When you need at least a B+ on the final to pass the class
15. When your professor cancels your exam

16. When you look at the first question and you don't even know what it means

17. When all of your friends start leaving to go home for the break
18. When you get more than three hours of sleep for once

19. When your friend is trying to give you the answer from across the room

20. When you guess on half the questions but still come out with a B

21. When you're just trying to start the exam but people keep asking a ton of questions

22. When you're trying to convince your friend to help you pass this final

23. When you haven't slept in three days so you start to go a little crazy

24. When you contemplate quitting college and have to snap yourself out of it and pull it together

25. When you don't understand how that one person manages to get up and look nice every day of finals week

26. When you leave school after your last final

Whether you can relate to all or just a couple of these, I hope that your finals week goes a little better than this Kevin-Hart inspired one did. Happy studying!