Currently, it seems every college student is obsessed with Stranger Things, is binge-watching Scandal, or is simply relishing in the beauty that is the ninth season of The Office. Trust me, I get it. These shows are great, they serve as the perfect study break distraction, and everyone is watching them. But you know what show this college girl is currently watching and relating to more than ever? The hit '90s show, Seinfeld!

And while I adore the humor of Jerry, the strong-will of Elaine, and the kookiness of Kramer, I live for the struggle that is George Costanza's life. As we approach the tragedy known as finals week, I thought who better than George to demonstrate how we all feel at this time. (Plus, I can shamelessly push the need to make Seinfeld THE show again) So without further ado, here's finals week explained by everyone's favorite New York Jew, George Costanza...

Looking at the mountain of studying you have to do

'Tis the season of every student claiming that THEY have the most work to do!

Convincing yourself that your GPA will be fine

Basically my motto as I tell myself that it's totally possible to get a 110% on my final paper. I believe it!

Giving up on dressing nice for class

Same George, same.

Trying to spend hours upon hours studying

After three hours of staring at financial statements, somehow Intro to Accounting manages to get even more boring! Who would've thought that was possible!

And finding motivation in what your future could be

Replace "George" with "Mackenzie" and this statement is straight from my nightmares.

But then convincing yourself that study breaks are more important

The brain needs a break, right? And what's a break without food? And what's food without Netflix? And what's Netflix without a nap? *Repeats cycle*

When you realize what your true talents are

We all have our gifts! College is a time where we're supposed to discover them!

Walking into your final like

Ah yes, the final stage of finals week-acceptance. I've got my life vest on and am fully prepared to sink into a pool of despair. Bring it on.

Finally, when you take your exams and get to go home

Actual footage of me leaving my last exam on December 15th. Sorry old lady, but this girl is ready for break!

Good luck to everyone as finals week approaches!

We're almost there! Just think, in a few short weeks, you get to go home, sit in your bed, and binge watch one of the greatest TV shows gifted to us by the 90s! If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is!