The worst f-word college students hate to hear... FINALS. Sadly, the time has come where we are consumed with final projects, final tests, final homework assignments, and final classes. We are consumed with sleep deprivation, anxiety and too many fast food runs and Starbuck coffees. We spend what feels like a semesters worth of hours in the library trying to learn everything from the beginning of the time.

So what's the bright side to all the stressful side effects of the end of the semester? Christmas break is literally your finish line. We are so close to that finish line, we could all break down and cry with joy. To get us through the semester, here are some things we can all relate on told by the cast of "Friends."

1. Coming back from Thanksgiving not remember anything from the week before


Let's be real, everything from the week prior to Thanksgiving break shouldn't be counted for. I mean we're already checked out.

2. Going through the week before finals telling when your OK when you know you're just kidding yourself


We're all drowning in last minute test, finals and projects. We're not fine!

3. Looking at your finals schedule, not knowing how you're going to study for all your exams

Figuring out how you're going to study ahead for finals has to be the most stressful, annoying thing to figure out during the last few weeks of finals.

4. Checking on your friends to make sure they're doing OK while studying 

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Check on your friends. They might need a saving grace from going insane.

5. When you realize you're procrastinated until the last minute before your final to study 


We can't deny that we're all been at this point during finals.

6. What you've study vs. What is on the exam 

Still trying to figure out how this is possible and why professor like to torture us with this madness.

7. The time between taking your final and waiting for your professor to put in your grade 

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The most anxiety-filled few days before the end of the semester

8. That moment you finish the semester and can go home to home-cooked meals and a Christmas break 

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