All college students are going through the most dreadful time of year — finals. The only person that may actually understand our struggle is the one and only, Mr. Kanye West.

Teacher: "The test will be cumulative."

Me: "So what should I study?"

Teacher: "Just study everything"

"There will be no study guide so I suggest you just read all the chapters."

"Extra credit will be given if you read an assigned book and write a 10-page essay."

"Every question will be short answer"

"I think I might actually survive this semester."

Friend: "Hey what did you get?"

Me: "Shockingly, a B."

Mom: "How are finals going?"

"What do these numbers mean?"

"I single-handedly picked the worst class with the worst teacher."

Dad: "Are you worried about not being able to get a job? I can't support you forever."

Teacher: "I'm sorry but I can't just give you 30 extra points."

"What exactly is your plan."

"It's official, I'm dropping out. Time to start my modeling career, that should really take off."

"How do you survive all the studying?"