Finals Week, As Told By Friends
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Student Life

Finals Week, As Told By Friends

Sometimes you're Ross, sometimes you're Joey.

Finals Week, As Told By Friends
Brilliant Baboon

Finals week is upon us! And, no matter how hard we study, sometimes we just never feel prepared. So when you walk into that two hour exam for that class that you haven't been to all semester, breathe first and panic later. For some comic relief in this time of struggle, here is the cast of Friends to show that their struggles are always relevant in any situation in every day life.

Trying to make sense of the study guide online for the class you haven't gone to all semester like:

Everything is laid out for you but nothing makes sense because you spent the entire semester binge watching Shameless instead of reading up on Socrates in Intro to Philosophy.

And then the teacher tells you that exam is cumulative:

Like seriously, have you no heart?

Meanwhile, the only person that you know in that lecture refuses to give you access to all of the notes that you missed.

Ok Becky from Econ, that is the last time I ever let you borrow a pencil.

Your face when your parents ask if you're ready for your finals:

The less mom and dad know, the better

But how can you be? Attempting to study in your room when everyone in the building seems to think quiet hours do not exist is nearly impossible.

24 hour quiet hours means absolutely nothing to the stomp team living above you or the rowdy kids down the hall. But you can't tell what would be worse: not being able to hear yourself think or that walk over to the library.

So of course getting that 5th cup of coffee in before your 8 a.m. final is crucial to your success.

If you're blood isn't at least 65% caffeine, how can you be expected to stay awake? And who cares if it's crappy cafeteria coffee? No coffee, no worky.

When one of your roommates doesn't have any finals and leaves the rest of you there struggling with yours.

Thursday night hits and all of your friends are either moving out or celebrating at the bar, while you got stuck with the last final slot on the last day of the week.

And then you've got that kid in front of you in class who walks out of EVERY EXAM boasting about how *easy* it was.

You know who you are.

But you suck it up and walk out like:

Did you study enough? Sure! Did you understand the information? Nope! Did you pass? Who knows!

Cheers to the end of the school year and best of luck to you all on your finals!

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