Finals week is upon us, and its time to own it! There are many stages to this stress-filled week, and The Office does a great job expressing emotions similar to the ones that college students feel during finals week.

When a professor tells you that the final will be cumulative:

At this point, you realize that every second of your time will be devoted to studying.

Being relieved that one of your other finals is not cumulative:

At least one of your professors cares about your levels of stress. Thanks, prof.

When someone in your class suggests a study group:

If we're going to suffer, we might as well suffer together.

Attending a study group and asking your peers for help:

Becky knows the details of every single event in history and I don't even know what we're supposed to be studying.

Feeling a false sense of hope after a good study session:

You feel like you actually have a chance of receiving a decent grade on this final.

Realizing as a class that you actually aren't prepared:

On a positive note, at least taking the final won't kill you.

Trying to be positive the night before your final:

Life is too short to be completely overwhelmed. One test does not define you... or does it?

Realizing that you should study instead of having fun:

It was fun while it lasted; now back to hitting the books.

Waking up the morning of your final:

You've spent hours upon hours studying, and your brain is officially fried.

Walking into the classroom:

Try to stay calm. It can't be that bad.

Opening up the exam to begin:

It all hits you. You read ahead and realize that you do not remember any of the material. In fact, you second guess yourself when writing down your name.

Confusion turns to rage:

Why would the professor even put these terms on the final when they were barely discussed?! Come on.

Trying the best you can:

Even though you know you're screwed, you will continue to try the best you can. Honestly, though, you're looking at a grade of an 80 at best.

Celebrating survival with peers as soon as you finish:

Walking out of that classroom has never felt better.

Even though you may be stressed over finals week, appreciate that this will not last forever. The sun will rise again tomorrow, and after finals week you will get to enjoy your break. That being said, study your heart out and try your best.

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