Unlock Your Inner Elf: Survive Finals with 15 Winter Break Feels
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Student Life

Buddy the Elf's Guide to Surviving Finals: 15 Feels Before Winter Break

"How'd You Sleep?" "Great, I got a full 40 minutes."

Buddy The Elf Attacked by Raccoon

Finals, the time we all dread. Amidst trying to juggle a social life, lack of sleep , exams, essays, and classes, it can be more than overwhelming to juggle this crazy season of life. Thankfully, Elf gets it. Here's 15 feels of finals week before winter break, as told by Buddy the Elf:

When someone asks, "How'd you sleep?"

Great, I got a full 40 minutes

Anything greater than zero is a good night.

Checking your grades online.

Buddy The Elf being hit by a taxi

Honestly a lot like being hit by a taxi.

Apologizing to your parents in advance for your GPA.

I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR

The perfect apology for any injustice, really.

When your professor assigns another assignment on top of your finals schedule and suddenly you're trying to manage 100 responsibilities.

Elf Buddy Escalator


Stress Eating Everything In Sight.

PopTarts, Spaghetti, Marshmallows, Candy Corn….and Syrup.

Kissing up to the professor for the sake of your grade.

Deb, you have such a pretty face, you should be on a Christmas card

Works like a charm.

When someone tells you that finals aren’t that bad.

You sit on a throne of lies


When your professor gets mad at your class for not turning something in on time

He's an angry elf

A very angry elf.

Realizing you forgot to do an assignment.

Buddy The Elf Noooooooo

Sheer, paralyzing panic.

Having your sixth cup of coffee for the day.

Adding syrup to coffee

*Pours in a bottle of syrup for the extra sugar boost.*

Nearing the end and making plans with your friends for when you get home:

Buddy The Elf Making Plans

Only the essentials.

Crushing the final you thought you'd fail.

Buddy The Elf Snowballs


Failing the final you thought you'd crush.

Buddy The Elf Running into Christmas Tree

*Faceplant, broken limb, sadness.*

Finally being finished.

Buddy The Elf Spinning


Self-assuring yourself in the aftermath of finals, verbally and physically.

You did it Congratulations

Now go take a nap and stress-eat some Christmas Cookies. You’ve earned it.

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