The Five Stages Of Studying For Finals
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Student Life

The Five Stages Of Studying For Finals

As finals are getting closer, most of us are probably suffering through one or more of these stages.

The Five Stages Of Studying For Finals

It seems like the dreaded days are coming. For many of us, these last days of the semesters are make or break. Last minute assignments are hastily finished for that last hope of some points to help our grades. For some of us close to academic probation or even on that borderline to whether you're going to graduate this year or not, the feeling of finals is even worse.

Regardless of how we're all dealing with this inevitable stress and torture, there's always one thing we all go through: the five stages of finals.

1. Denial

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Finals is not that close, right? 15 weeks of school can't be that short, especially when there's so much work to turn in. There's a few piles of unfinished assignments I have to complete before I can do any studying.

Actually, what's there to study for? I already worked too hard this semester and I shouldn't be too stressed out before finals. Who cares if we really need to study -- I should be taking a nap instead. Watch some Netflix as a reward for my hard work. I totally deserve that.

2. Anger

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When did I learn this chapter? What are my notes even saying? How am I going to raise my GPA now? Can my roommate for once turn the music down while I'm studying? Coping with stress can result to anger. That immense pressure to do well is eating me away. Everything is bothering me when I'm trying to think. I struggle to figure out what in the world am I supposed to know for the finals. I shouldn't have binge-watched "Orange is the New Black" and actually found out what was on the final instead. I'm so angry at myself! AHHHHHHHH!!!

3. Bargaining

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Please, professor. Please round up my grade from a 70.95 percent to 98 percent. What do you mean you can't do that? Can't you see my life is depending on this class? OK, I may be exaggerating, but I really don't want to take this class again next semester. I guess I should have attended more lectures and done some of my homework ... or all of it ... Please though?

Or better yet, I could be begging my classmates for help and all the notes they took. I'll do anything for them. How much money? What do I have to do for those notes? Anything! Just give me something that can help me boost my GPA.

Maybe I need to work on my puppy eyes more.

4. Sadness

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This is it. I tried everything, and now finals are here. I'm going to fail. I'll lose my chances of not walking the stage on time and will have to take the class again next semester. Why did I even take the class? Why did I even decide to go to college? I'll just run away and be a professional bush for the rest of my life instead. All my hopes and dreams will die here today once that exam begins.

Hello darkness my old friend ...

5. Acceptance

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It's finally over. The last project is turned in, the last presentation is given and the last answer is bubbled in. There's nothing else to do but walk out of the class. No more dealing with deadlines! No more worrying about that GE class that really had nothing to do with my major. And who cares if I fail now. What's done is done. Now I don't need to deal with restless nights and countless hours of sobbing. Whoo! Finally...

Good luck on finals everyone! 화이팅!

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