If Finals Week Days Were Fast Food Restaurants

If Finals Week Days Were Fast Food Restaurants

Every wonder what it would be like if finals week was your favorite fast food restaurant? Well, I have the answers to you.


These go downhill just like your motivation during finals week does.

Saturday: Raising Canes

On Saturday you are still living your best. The stress has barely started to hit you. You are what we like to call... LIVING.

Sunday: Subway

On Sunday you are still feeling good about life, but you realize that you need to start studying and maybe start staying up later. You are still sure about yourself though.

Monday: Chinese Takeout 

By Monday you are huddled into your study spot and will not leave until you have studied your heart out. You start the downhill slope of finals week.

Tuesday:Little Caesars / Delivery Pizza

By Tuesday you are still hiding in your study hole. You want something quick, easy, but it still feels like a meal. Plus the leftovers make for a great study snack.

Wednesday: McDonalds

By Wednesday you are in full on survival mode. You want something easy and cheap. Also large drinks are only a $1 which means you can get the most caffeine possible for a low price.

Thursday: Taco Bell

On Thursday you are only trying to get to the finish line. I repeat you are eating just to survive at this point. You don't care what happens you just need food.

Friday: Burger King

By Friday, you are out of spirit, hope, motivation, and just want to lay down for a long winters nap.

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12 Symptoms You Get When You're Addicted To Chick-Fil-A

It is your one true love.

Chick-fil-A, I love you.

Truett Cathy, I owe you my life.

If you love Chick-fil-A, you truly have withdrawals when you're away from it. You may suffer from these symptoms, just like I do.

1. No other breakfast will compare to CFA's.

2. No other fast food joint has hash brown's like CFA's.

3. When you go on vacation, you type in Chick-fil-A to see if there is one nearby.

4. If there isn't, you eat it as soon, I am talking, like, the second, you get back from vacation.

5. You truly don't understand how people "get tired of Chick-fil-A"

6. Besides the occasional change up on Sunday's, CFA is always your number choice of fast food.

7. You legitimately crave it more on Sunday's.

8. Nothing on the menu seems gross to you.

9. Yet, you seem to get the same thing every time you go.

10. Their ice cream is literally the b o m b.

11. You defend CFA to any and every hater.

12. CFA is probably your actual one true love.

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10 Server Tweets To Help You Make It Through The Holidays

Being a server is a hard job. We need to laugh about it.


For all my fellow servers and bartenders out there, happy holidays to all of you! We can make it through the rude customers, forgotten orders, and low tips together, but first, we need to take a break and remember what brings us all together... the TOO realistic tweets.

2. Your day off


3. Clocking in 

I work at noon, but I don't feel like working until 12:30 at least...

4. The table greeting 

Sure, let me just shut up now.

8. Customer service

It's 2019. We're eco-friendly this year.

10. The cliche customers 

We need a thread for this... because there's so many.

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