"Class there will not be a study guide for this exam so my advice would be to learn it all."

Mom- "Honey, if we don't see some good grades at the end of this semester... some changes will have to be made."

When you walk into the library and see every other student.

Me- "I hate changes"

Teacher- "We're going to try a little something different and have the final online"

It's the middle of the week and your friends are dropping like flies so you have to lift their spirits back up.



Giving yourself a break to snapchat friends to let them know you're still living.

When you see people out in the streets and you suddenly remember when you once had a life.

Teacher- "You'll probably want to go ahead and study more than whats on the guide."

High Schooler- "I understand"

When you're walking into something knowing you're going to fail.

Question #2 and you're already lost

When you knew you failed but your teacher had the nerve to actually give you a bad grade.

Finishing your exam before your friend and giving them the look of "you got this" on your way out.

How it feels walking out of your last exam