How is it already December? Where did the semester go? Have I even learned anything? I couldn't tell you the answers to any of that, but I can tell you finals week is coming- or it may even already be here for you poor unfortunate souls. If you're like me, you still have a little time. So, as we prepare by mindlessly scroll through our social media, let's look to see whats ahead of us for the week as told by Disney.


You're feeling the study vibes sitting out near the campus fountains singing to your dog about parabolas.


Walking into your first exam you're not even sure you can get your name right let alone remember the laws of physics.


Somehow it's dark out, and now 2am at the library and you're not even sure what you're reading anymore. How has it only been one day of finals? .


Coffee, coffee, and more coffee please.


Simply trying to recall what exam you're actually taking at the moment... and what you learned 14 weeks ago.


Barely made it to your 7 AM final, you may still be wearing your bed sheets- but does it even matter at this point?


Made it home and I expect my dog to give me an applause for merely surviving finals.